General Manager of Temple House: Chengdu has Right DNA for Hospitality Industry

Authors: Feng Mi


Being a temporary home for travelers, what role do hotels play during the city’s process to become a global renowned tourist destination?
Last November, Chengdu was selected as one of the world's 21 must-see destinations. As it is becoming a hot world travel destination, more and more visitors from around the globe are flocking to the city where tradition meets modernity and east meets west. Being a temporary home for travelers, what role do hotels play during the city's process to become a global renowned tourist destination?
Recently, Kurt Macher, general manager of the Temple House in Chengdu, received an interview from He talked about the city's development in the hospitality industry and its process to become an international metropolis.
Located in the shopping center Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, the Temple House is an important part of the Daci Monastery cultural and commercial complex, a cultural heritage project launched by the Chengdu city government.
gochengdu: Many world famous hotels have opened branches in Chengdu. What do you think are the advantages of the city to attract these brands?
Kurt Macher: Chengdu is an emerging city with huge potential of development. I believe it will become a first-tier city in China soon. As a very popular inbound tourist destination, the city's gourmet, history and culture, natural landscape and giant panda are very appealing. The relatively slow pace of life here is also one of the important reasons for visitors to the city.
gochengdu: What do you think of the hospitality industry in Chengdu?
Kurt Macher: With fast-growing economy, prosperous business and commerce, and open-minded and friendly people who have strong spending power, the city offers a very good and stable economic and social environment for the boom of the industry. Our local staff are always warmed-hearted, caring and optimistic. We take in people based upon not only their professional skills but also upon their character and personality. I can see from our staff here that Chengdu has the right DNA for the hospitality industry.
gochengdu: In your perspective, how should Chengdu do to become more open and socially diversified while maintaining its distinct cultural features?
Kurt Macher: In my view, it just needs to well maintain its DNA and does not need to be the same as other international metropolises in many aspects. The city has unique culture and civilization, including its old tea houses, parks and alleys. which must be conserved and protected. Many big cities in China grew too fast and have gradually lost their uniqueness and cultural and historical legacies which can be inherited and passed down.
On the other hand, there are a lot of great local restaurants in Chengdu. I hope there will be more varieties of international restaurants to satisfy different visitors' tastes.
gochegndu: In your opinion, what positive influences will the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport have on the city?
Kurt Macher: A city's airport is just like its face which gives the first impression of itself to visitors. Chengdu should build a good new airport to attract more international passengers and multinationals. And the new airport is crucial for the further development of the local economy and society. I believe more and more global airlines will open international air routes to Chengdu from other cities all over the world.
gochengdu: What do you think of the fierce competition among the hospitality industry in Chengdu?
Kurt Macher: Currently, there have been many newly-opened hotels in the city. It's not good for hotel operators if too many hotels are open during the same period. However, I believe with the development of the city, in a couple of years, the number of hotels will meet the increasing market demand and the sector's growth will become sustainable. In the long run, having many international luxury hotel brands will be an advantage for the city because more international luxury brands will help it to bring in more visitors.
We are lucky to get involved in the fierce competition. Any competition can be beneficial and makes us become better and stronger and makes the sector grow more benign. Although the Temple House is a very small hotel, we will continue to bring unique experiences to our guests and enhance our services to attract the guests to come again.
gochengdu: How long have you been in Chengdu? What do you like most about Chengdu?
Kurt Macher: I have lived in Chengdu for more than half a year. I really like the relaxing atmosphere here. Working in a hotel is stressful, but when I get off work and walk home, seeing people with a relaxing smile on their faces walking at a brisk pace on the street, I immediately become relaxed and blissful. On the contrary, when I worked in Hong Kong, I found the people there are always busy and rush to their offices every morning. I can feel their great stress of life.
The people in Chengdu are inclusive and open-minded and friendly to foreigners. Compared with those in other Chinese cities, Chengduers make me feel more at ease and relaxed.

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