City Spurs Development in Music Industry

Authors: Feng Mi


Chengdu is accelerating its pace to develop the music industry and striving to become the City of Music in China in the 10 years to come.
Recently, a song titled Chengdu created and sung by Chinese balladeer Zhao Lei goes viral online and has triggered a Chengdu craze nationwide. Regarding Chengdu as his second hometown, the singer expresses his deep love for the city in the lyrics which resonate with many people sharing similar wonderful memories and impression of the city.
The thriving music scene, splendid culture and brilliant civilization of the Chengdu keep inspiring music people and offering them tremendous room to grow. As a place where lots of famous musicians were born and grew up, the city has fostered lots of pop stars including Li Yuchun, Zhang Liangying, Yu Kewei and Wang Zhengliang who have played a vital role in China's pop music scene. Bel anto singer Liao Changyong is recognized as one of the world's best baritones, Li Yundi became the youngest prize winner in the history of the Warsaw International Chopin Competition in 2000 when he was 18 and took the gold medal at the 14th Warsaw International Chopin Competition, and many pop bands like Soundtoy and Asura have become familiar names to Chinese fans of rock music.
Proximity Butterfly is a mutlinational band that was formed in Chengdu 12 years ago. Joshua Love, lead singer and founder of the band, who has lived in the city for 15 years, said Chengdu is China's Mecca of the next generation music, and it outshines some American music cities in some aspects. "I do believe Chengdu has the ability to become much better in music. As younger generations here are more open-minded and inclusive to explore and reflect emotions deep in people's hearts, express themselves and care for others in their own unique ways. We can see Chengdu is ushering in a new age of music. "
The Little Bar mentioned in the song has attracted many visitors from other parts of the country after the song was broadcast on a TV show. In fact, apart from the bar, many art academies, art groups, performing arts companies, Deluxe Milk Concert Hall, and such bars as Nu Space and Machu Picchu, are all gathering places of music lovers. In the future, the city will build more music venues, including the city music hall, a music district, a city music park and outdoor music plazas. In addition, the local government will give strong support to the establishment of performing arts centers and theaters, and organizing overseas musical tours.
When talking about the role of music venues in promoting the development of the music sector, Joshua said it is without doubt crucial. As young kids need places to play and do things they like, musicians need platforms to show themselves and their music. Venues like Nuspace and Little Bar are essential, and there should be more such places in the city.
For Joshua, community is the most important part of music. "I'm happy to see the music venues growing well and more and more throngs of people rushing to see shows there," he said and added "People need public spaces to express themselves. "
In the future, the city will take more actions to cultivate more local music talents and stars, companies, studios and independent musicians. It is going to build music industrial development zones, high-end performing arts centers and theaters, music industrial clusters and theme parks.
When asked about how Chengdu can be connected more closely with other parts of the world via music, Joshua said "When you try to be a coolest kid in a club you end up making a fool of yourself. You just focus on the story, the sound and the expression. You make something profound and the world will recognize that. Greatness unveils itself. It can't be forced. Chengdu just needs to focus on its voice, listen to itself carefully and unleash its sounds. "
Here is the video of the song Chengdu by Zhao Lei:
The video is from the TV show Singer broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV.

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