My Encounters with Chengdu Music Live Shows

Authors: Go Chengdu


I’m Renata Mirkova, from the Czech Republic. Crazy about music, I’m a vegan foodie, and a big fan of baked sweets. I first came to Chengdu in 2012, and is now pursuing a master's degree at Sichuan University.
Though I have never learned how to play any musical instrument, I'm always a big fan of music and enjoy watching various musical performances every now and again. During my childhood in the Czech Republic, my first encounter with music was in a punk live show. As I grew up, my favorite remains to be hardcore punk music.
I came to Chengdu in 2012 with little knowledge about the city. I searched on the Internet for my bar options in Chengdu. I was worried at first till I alighted on the name of "Little Bar", a place I had to check out. Soon in September that year, I stepped into the Little Bar for the first time, along with my friends, to see a gig of "Mr. Sea Turtle".
We were late since we had got lost on the way, and the show already kicked off. A huge crowd was dancing around the stage to the loud music, as if the bar was a boiling pot. People were so excited and fired up in this burning room. However, later to my surprise, the crowd broke up and left just minutes after the gig was over. Why didn't they stay around for a little while longer to have some chats over drinks? My friends and I were still excited about the performance and wanted to hang out more to meet other music fans in Chengdu, as was the usual drill back in the Czech Republic.
So far, numerous live houses have sprung up in Chengdu. And my favorite ones are Littler Bar and Good Morning. Besides, I am also a frequent patron of the riverside Jah Bar and Steam Barnear Wuhou Memorial Temple. These two usually hold small events, reminding me of the places I frequented back in my hometown. Although punk music live shows are not many in Chengdu, my yearning for music can still be satisfied here. And trust me, everyone can find their favorite music and live house in the city.

China Music Industry Development Summit Convened in Chengdu

The two-day China Music Industry Development Summit (CMIDS) kicked off December 27 at the Eastern Suburb Memory, a music-themed park in Chengdu.

Nov 28, 2017

City to Build Chopin Music Museum

Chengdu Media Group signed, at the 2017 China Music Industry Development Summit, an agreement with Polish Cultural Exchange Foundation Chopin (PCEFC), on building a Chopin music museum at Chengdu's Eastern Suburb Memory Park, in 2018.

Dec 08, 2017

Music leads city’s aim to be cultural creative hub

As one of the country's oldest historical and cultural cities, Chengdu is boosting growth in related industries to become a cultural creativity hub in western China, and the music industry is one of the pillar sectors in Chengdu’s plan.

Dec 01, 2017

Ancient Chengdu on track to be a global metropolis

Chengdu, with history of more than 2,300 years, has set itself the target of becoming an international city of culture, tourism and sports events, as well as an international metropolis known for its food, music and event hosting.

Oct 26, 2018

Music Industry Booms in City

Chengdu is one of the four largest cities in China to be home to a national-level music industry base.

Jan 26, 2018

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