Charm Wild in the Countryside

Authors: Echo Wang & Faye Cui


In 1987, the first Agritainment (Nongjiale) appeared in Chengdu, where people can enjoy a delicious home-made meal in the courtyard of a rural household. Since then, it became a fashion to live in a rural house, having rural food and experiencing a rural life, and this rustic entertainment quickly spread to every corner of China.
Relatively low cost and short traffic time are the key reasons for the prevailing of Agritainment. However, the most important reason for its sustained development remains to be something else: with the pressure of urban life, people in modern cities are eager to run away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and throw themselves into the poetic and peaceful rural life beautifully depicted in ancient poetries.
As three decades passed by, people have higher requirements for tourism. The competition in the market becomes increasingly fierce, which thus drives constantly upgrading and transformation within the Agritainment industry. Established in Ba-Shu culture and folk culture resources, Agritainment in Chengdu is reasonably planned and designed with creative activities to highlight the individuality and characteristics that drive the transition from a sightseeing activity into an in-depth holiday-spending experience. You may be surprised as much as we were when getting into a rural household of today's Agritainment. Let's follow two authors' footprints to enjoy today's modern Agrtainment.
Bouquet in the Wind Daliang Winery
By Echo Wang Photos by Meow
Follow your nose, and you will find your way to Daliang Winery.
Daliang Winery is located at the south of the Linqiong Ancient City in Qionglai city which has been known for winemaking since ancient times. The culture and long history of wine-making is reflected at Daliang Winery, where you can see the winemaking procedure of old days; not only can you see how workers turn grains into strong sorghum wine but also try it yourself in the newly-renovated Daliang workshop.
This winery is more than a simple winery. It is easy to recognize the architects' attentive design in which pavilions, corridors, houses and ponds come together harmoniously. The brick walls are in fact carefully preserved and moved from old western Sichuan rural houses, which has become a major attraction of the winery. There is a lot to see if you just walk around. Sitting by the pond, you can enjoy a nice cup of tea or play cards with friends while the breeze plays gently with your hair. You may also try your hand at a tennis game, or take a dip in the pool. If you come here with children, the winery also has a lot to offer to your little ones. Leave them at the straw-themed park, let them roll an iron hoop, spin a top or perhaps jump the rubber rope…all the traditional children games in the field. There are also interactive rural activity items like family kitchen, family mill and family winery available, together with workshops for bamboo weaving, pottery making and cloth weaving.
Among the musts in a Nongjiale are rural meals and rural accommodation. The winery makes a great deal of effort to bring its customers a wide range of options. The dinning courtyard is designed in accordance with cultures of different dynasties in Chinese history and wine culture, with an independent style for almost each dining room. In summer, come and feast on wood cooked chicken by the lotus pond. What's more, Daliang Commune's decor will bring you back to the mid-20th century.
The accommodation here will definitely amaze those who love rural life experience. Here, not only can you experience rural scenery and rural folk culture and customs but also many more surprises brought by transformed and upgraded Nongjiale.
Address: Sub-village 13, Wenbishan Village, Linqiong Town, Qionglai, Chengdu
Self-driving: It would take about 2 hours from downtown Chengdu to the place, via Chengdu-Wenjiang-Qionglai Express and National Highway G318
Other recommended themed Nongjiale destinations:
Tea-Stream Valley: Quiet and enjoyable environment and scenery, with combination of rural tourism and tea industry. A good place to experience tea picking and making.
Address: Shibei Village, Xiang'e Township, Dujiangyan City
Self-driving: It takes about one and a half hours from downtown Chengdu, via Chengguan expressway.
Indian Cottages: An Indian theme park, exotically charming in every detail.
Address: Tanmei Road, Xingfu Meilin (Happy Plums), Sansheng Town, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
Self-driving: It takes about 40 minutes from downtown Chengdu.
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