Bike Sharing - A New Way of Life

Authors: Faye Cui


Dockless bike sharing is especially convenient for one-way trips, since it only requires a smart phone to use.
I started to use shared bikes at the beginning of this February, which has shortened the "last mile" from my home to the Century City metro station from 7 or 8 minutes' walk to 3 minutes. After work, I often ride a bike along the newly built Second Tianfu Street to the nearby shopping mall and supermarket. The bike takes me to everywhere I need to go within two or three kilometers of my home.
Dockless bike sharing is especially convenient for one-way trips, since it only requires a smart phone to use. A large number of shared bikes appeared in Chengdu in November 2016 and there are hundreds of thousands of bikes expected to be operating in the city in 2017. How will large-scale bike sharing change the relationship between the people and the city? Will there be more people cycling and less people driving?
After three months, bike sharing is no longer a fresh topic, yet, it remains a novelty. New developments will be followed by exploration and adjustment, and bike sharing is bound to improve over time, and affect user's riding habits in 2017. Do you plan to try bike sharing in 2017? Let's listen to what some experienced users said.
From Chengdu, a Staff Member of Chengdu Office, Korea Tourism Organization
My first ride was in November 2016. Now I ride three or four times a week, adding my total mileage to over 100km. I used to ride Mobike and Youon bikes, now I switched to ofo and Bluegogo.
Bike sharing is particularly convenient when I go to places not too far from home. I also remembered the time I went for an outing by bike with my parents, which was a lot of fun.
Riding bike is environmentally friendly and reduces emissions; it is also good for health, which is why we should promote and support it.
I hope that bikes can be cherished by everybody. Please do not park it haphazardly or take it home. I also hope that companies will continue to improve on more details to make the riding experience more comfortable.
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