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Authors: Faye Cui


In April 2015, New Zealand Consulate-General in Chengdu announced that a visa application center was established here.
Opened at the end of 2014, New Zealand Consulate-General in Chengdu is by far the youngest foreign consulate that settled in Chengdu. In April 2015, New Zealand Consulate-General in Chengdu announced that a visa application center was established here. As the news was released, Alistair Crozier, New Zealand Consul-General in Chengdu, gave an interview to HELLO Chengdu.
Talking about New Zealand, Alistair Crozier gave a picture of the life in New Zealand: with a glass of wine, white clouds drifting in the sky, you can enjoy the natural landscapes by a lake. That is exactly the image of New Zealand in Chinese people's mind --- natural and beautiful, but it is so detailed that beyond your imagination. Introducing New Zealand to people more specifically is one of Alistair Crozier's jobs. For that, he has made a series of plans to promote New Zealand, from introduction for food, wine, tourism, modern dance, independent film production to the exchange visit between high level government officials of Chengdu and New Zealand. There are plenty of interesting things that are waiting to be discovered between Chengdu and New Zealand.
HC: New Zealand will establish a visa application center in Chengdu. Could you please introduce the current visa policy of New Zealand? How many Chinese people travelled in New Zealand last year?
Alistair Crozier: Last year our cournty welcomed about 225,000 visitors. On top of that, we also have students, about 20,000 students in New Zealand every year as well. For the majority of travelers, tourist visa applications for example, we hope to do within 5 days. All we ask for is there is evidence that when they are in New Zealand, they can support their stay. We started to find that more and more applicants are independent travelers. They are not going down on a tour group. For that we often now issue a 2-year multiple-entry visa. All we are really looking for is that travelers are genuine, and they are honest. My advice to applicants is always just be honest prepare your application. The best thing is to have genuine purpose for traveling. As you know we are welcoming more and more travelers traveling to New Zealand.
HC: As part of the free trade agreement signed by and between New Zealand and China, New Zealand will start to accept 2015-2016 working holiday visa (WHV) applications from Chinese citizens on May 19. Could you please tell us some more?
Alistair Crozier: Over the last couple of years it's very very popular option for young travelers. The aim as the name suggests it's a holiday, but you can do some work to support holiday. And you can also do some study. We accept up to 1000 WHV from China every year. We run WHV schemes with 50 other countries as well. There's a lot of young people from around the world coming in to New Zealand on this scheme. The best thing to do is to visit New Zealand immigration website and find the criteria for the Chinese WHV scheme. There are some criteria, you have to be resident in China, you need functional English, what it means for us is 5.5 for IETS.
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