Liam, Harvey: Indulge in Cross-cultural Communication

Authors: Feng Mi


With great interest in the platform and its operation team, interviewed 老外Here's founders Liam and Harvey.
Starting a cross-culture business is not easy. Because the company has both Chinese and foreign staff, Liam and Harvey encountered many cultural conflicts during the first year of their business due to different ways of thinking between West and East. Although the company is faced with many challenges and difficulties, Liam and Harvey always believe their company will find the right path and go well.
Now the company is expanding quickly and it has relocated its office and expanded its work space. For Liam and Harvey, it is quite good but also stressful. "We don't relax at all and put all our hearts and energy into the work, "Liam said. They hope their company can become famous in Chengdu and establish their business in other cities in China in the near future.
Liam and Harvey's suggestions for foreign entrepreneurs:
1. Chengdu is an ideal place to start business for foreigners. Come to the city and your dreams will come true;
2. When setting up a company in a foreign land, it is important to both understand the local culture and bring fresh ideas and things to the local society; and,
3. Build your network and brand in a period as short as possible.
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