Chengdu, an Ideal Place for Startups

Authors: Go Chengdu


Wu Xin, general manager of Chengdu-based Envee Inflight Entertainment Co., Ltd., led the company to explore untouched business opportunities in the air ingeniously.
"The biggest improvement in the year is that our business plan and market positioning become much clearer." Wu is convinced that the goal of the company is to develop an ecological air WiFi platform.
"The air WiFi service industry is still a new field in China. With the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CACC)'s approval for the Internet satellite service and air-ground interconnection technologies, the air Internet service industry is facing great opportunities." Wu thinks that many industries involving the Internet have been controlled, even monopolized, by industrial leaders, but the Air WiFi service industry is expected to see an explosive growth in the near future. Now Envee has become an executive member of the Air China WiFi Alliance, and Wu serves as the director general of the alliance. Both the company and Wu have gained recognition of their counterparts and customers.
Snatching a share of the monopolized global market
"Although foreign manufacturers have monopolized the inflight entertainment system service for a long time, we found that they were not good at localization when they were developing air entertainment softwares. Passengers could only use the entertainment system with limited services, so their demands couldn't be satisfied to the fullest. " Wu and his team believe that the air WiFi service will become a trend, and air passengers will surely have demand not only for web browsing, but social networking, information and entertainment. "We aim to meet various demands of passengers in the sky and is dedicated to developing further the market."
"Most civil aircraft in China were imported from overseas, so our softwares can be installed in the aircraft after we get permission from some specific hardware manufacturers. " Wu said that through more than a year's effort, Envee has met the security standards of the hardware suppliers including Panasonic and Thales, and has become the first company in China to get their permissions. "With the permissions, Envee is able to develop its own entertainment systems and compete with its rivals."
Developing inflight online shopping
China is anticipated to be the world's largest aviation market in the next ten years, and it has already become the largest Internet market on the globe.
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