Chengdu Opens Library for Foreign Experts

Authors: Go Chengdu


The first library for foreign experts in Sichuan Province opened in Chengdu’s Tongzilin Community.
Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Chengdu Wuhou District's talent market management office co-opened a library for foreign experts in Tongzilin Community, in hope of helping them better understand China and Chengdu as well as of establishing a long-term relationship between the library and them. The library is the first of its kind in Sichuan Province.
Chengdu Opens Library for Foreign ExpertsChengdu Opens Library for Foreign Experts
According to a staff member from the office, for the time being, there are more than 17,000 foreigner nationals living in Chengdu, including 5,400 in Wuhou District. The library now houses 1,300 books in six languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic, covering such fields as politics, economics and culture. It will update its collection continuously.
The library is open to all foreign experts and talents who can borrow books for free by producing their valid ID documents or cards.

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