A Fragrance-seeking Journey

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It is your recommendations that make a list.
At the end of April 2019, YOUChengdu will launch "A Fragrance-seeking Journey" during Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival. The journey started online on April 29 and invited foodies across the globe to add delicious food to the 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies List and will draw a Map of 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies.
Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival will be held in Chengdu from May 15 to 22.
Chengdu panda Asian food festival
A Food Festival
On April 29, YOUChengdu will launch an activity for making the "2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies List". The list consists of ten categories, namely hot pot, chuanchuan&barbecue, Sichuan cuisine, snacks&midnight snacks, drinks, desserts, bars, outbound cuisines, international delicacies and others.
Chengdu panda Asian food festival
Global Participation
From April 29 to May 7, fill out the blanks and upload the names and locations of your recommended restaurants and reasons for your recommendation through "A Fragrance-seeking Journey" (寻香之旅) at the bottom of the official account of YOUChengdu.
Chengdu panda Asian food festival
Meanwhile, the polling page will display the real-time rank of each category. You can Like any restaurant to hit the list.
Chengdu panda Asian food festival
A List of Must-haves
The recommendation activity will be ended at 6PM on May 7. According to your polls and gourmet approvals, YOUChengdu will release the "2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies List" and make the "Map of 2019 Chengdu Must-have Delicacies".
In a word, it is your recommendations that make a list.
Chengdu panda Asian food festivalChengdu panda Asian food festival
Don't hesitate, join us!
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