Wandering Earth Reflects Chengdu's Boom of Creation of Sci-fic Novels

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The Wandering Earth is expected to be the film to spark China’s science fiction movie making.
流浪地球 成都科幻
As China's first blockbuster set in space, The Wandering Earth, had grossed about RMB3 billion at the national box office by February 14, and is expected to be the film to spark China's science fiction movie making.
Last Friday, it was showed in the cinemas in North America as well as Australia amid grandiose expectations, and has triggered heated discussions on the Internet.
Wandering Earth science fictionWandering Earth science fiction
The film is based on a story by Liu Cixin, the author best known for The Three-Body Problem and the first Chinese winner of the Hugo Award for the genre in 2015. The novel Wandering Earth was first shown on the magazine Science Fiction World published in Chengdu 19 years ago. With the rapid development of Chengdu's cultural and creative industries, the advantages of science fiction literature has driven the development of related fields and helped Chengdu to become a world-class city of culture and creativity.
Wandering Earth science fiction
"From the first publishing to the later filming making, The Wander Earth is strongly correlated with Chengdu. The magazine, rooted in Chengdu, has cultivated a batch of leading writers in science fiction, such as Liu Cixin, Wang Jinkang and He Xi," said Yao Haijun, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Science Fiction World, "With a strong foundation for the creation of sic-fiction novels, Chengdu always provides favorable environment for these writers, just as Science Fiction World. It's believed more writers will be appreciated and become famous from here."

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May 02, 2018

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