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During the two-day 2016 Music Talents Support Program on December 3-4, a series of activities including the Young Music Talents Showcase, SOTX-Music Industry International Forum and a conference promoting investment in Chengdu’s music industry, were held to boost the development of original music in China.
The Music Talents Support Program was launched in 2014 and aimed at setting up a platform for finding, cultivating and marketing music talents.
On the night of December 3, over 20 famous Chinese musicians and Chengdu native music talents staged a grand show of original music for local audience.
At the OTX-Music Industry International Forum, organizers of well-known domestic and overseas music festivals, and operators of online music streaming platforms exchanged views on such much-talked-about topics as "music+Internet", "music+city" and marketing and promotion of musicians.
The Forum was held in Chengdu because of the city's large music market and maturing music industry, as well as strong support from the local government. Organizers of the event hope to lay a solid foundation for the development of original music, making full use of the city's ample resources of talent, huge market potential and preferential policies.
On the afternoon of December 4, the city signed contracts valued at RMB15 billion at the conference to spur its growth in the music industry. To build more music brands, the city has planned to build much more venues, give stronger support for music tours and events, and foster more professional musical instrument and equipment markets.
In recent years, the city organized lots of large-scale music events and initiatives, including the Bougainvillea Music Festival, Western China Music Festival, InMusic Expo Comm (Chengdu)-International Music Industry Expo (Chengdu), as well as music-themed festivals.

Pengzhou City Hosts French Classic Music Festival

The 4th French Classic Music Festival is held Sept.2-Oct.2 in Bailu Town of Pengzhou City in northern Chengdu.

Oct 03, 2016

Bougainvillea Music Festival

Music, fashion trend and culture … The Bougainvillea Music Festival to be held in the city will bring you a higly joyful weekend.

Oct 16, 2016

Umbria Jazz Music Week in Chengdu

The Umbria Jazz Music Week in Chengdu is being staged in the city, offering 62 performances by 8 groups with a total of 66 musicians from Italy at the Eastern Suburb Memory (the main venue of the event) and some other places across the city, including the Tianfu Square, West Village, Wide & Narrow Alleys, Southern Suburb Park, and Chunxi Road, etc.

Oct 18, 2016

Chinese and Foreign Classical Vocal Music Concert

Six top young Chinese singers and one piano art director will put on a great show of Italian classic opera excerpts and Chinese classical vocal music works at the Chinese and Foreign Classical Vocal Music Concert.

Dec 01, 2016

Cinema-concert "The Little Mole" to Be Staged in Chengdu

Cinema-concert "The Little Mole" will be staged in Chengdu this December. It is a double pleasure of visual imagery and live music: a feast for all children!

Dec 02, 2016

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