Kofu Donates 6,000 Surgical Masks to Chengdu

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One week ago, the city government of Kofu, Japan, told Chengdu that they would donate 6,000 disposable surgical masks to Chengdu to support the city to fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.
On February 11, Chengdu received all the masks and will deliver them to the Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center soon, one of the designated hospitals for novel coronavirus-infected patients in the city.
Kofu Donates 6,000 Surgical Masks to Chengdu
Kofu is Chengdu's first sister city in Asia. In 1984, the two cities established the sister-city relationship, and since then they have been maintaining close exchanges and cooperation in culture, education and trade. The incumbent mayor of Kofu attended the Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair in 2016 and 2017. In last April, a Chengdu delegation was present at an event in Kofu which celebrated the city's 500th anniversary. And Chengdu presented Kofu a giant panda sculpture as a gift in last December.

Japanese Foodies’ Food Exploration Tour in Chengdu

A dozen of Sichuan food lovers from Japan, members of "MA LA REN MEI" (literally means Sichuan Spiciness Clan), came to Chengdu in March and set out on their good-food exploration in the City of Gastronomy.

Apr 25, 2017

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to host China-Japan-ROK leaders' meeting

On December 24, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will host the eighth China-Japan-ROK leaders' meeting in Chengdu.

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Shared Culture Links China, Japan and South Korea

The 2019 China-Japan-Republic of Korea Trilateral Media Dialogue was held in Chengdu on December 15.

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, together with President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, attended the 8th China-Japan-ROK leaders' meeting in Chengdu.

Dec 26, 2019

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