Indian Movie Star’s Chengdu Trip: Exploring Chinese Culture

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Indian movie Star Aamir Khan, an actor of the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots, visited Chengdu on April 20.
Indian movie Star Aamir Khan, an actor of the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots, visited Chengdu on April 20, just after his presence at the Beijing International Film Festival to promote his new movie Dangal.
Aamir was impressed by the rich culture of Chengdu. "Chengdu has a long history and is modern. I've strongly recommended it to my wife and hope I could come here again sometime in the future."
In Chengdu, Aamir visited the panda base in Dujiangyan, Mt. Qingcheng, cradle of the Chinese Taoism, where he learned the Tai Chi skills from Liu Suibin, a local Tai Chi master, and Du Fu's Thatched Cottage, where he made a Chinese rubbing with a poem of Du Fu (712-770) on it, and read the poem in Mandarin.
After tasting local fresh green tea, enjoyed Guqin (a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family) music, and learning the craftsmanship of Shu Brocade, Aamir told reporters that the one-day tour in the city was an incredible experience for him, from which he was much impressed by local people's goodwill and hospitality, and the city's unique culture and modernity. He expressed he would inject his inspirations from Chengdu into his film production and would come to the city again.

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