City Furthers Partnership with Belarus

Authors: Go Chengdu


To cement ties with Belarus, a Chengdu delegation led by Mr. Fan Ruiping, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, paid a visit to the eastern European country between August 27 and 29.
The visit is aimed to promote the partnership with Belarus, give full play to the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway and bring more benefits to the people along the railway.
The Chengdu-Europe Express Railway, which spans close to 700 kilometers in Belarus, is becoming increasingly crucial as a trade route linking Chengdu and the country. Through it, the city took the initiative in China to import meat from the country not long ago.
During its stay in Belarus, the delegation had in-depth talks with the country's government officials, focusing on how to make the best use of the railroad. Mr. Fan made an official call to and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the mayor of Gomel. In addition, the delegation visited the Minsk city government, and both sides expressed to work together to promote mutual economic development and pragmatic cooperation.
As the largest cooperative project between Belarus and China to advance the Belt and Road Initiative, the industrial park Great Stone has been home to more than 10 Chinese companies. Mr. Fan made a field survey of the park, where he exchanged views with Belarus's deputy minister of economy and the park's director on international trade and transfer of industrial capacity, etc.
The industrial park Great Stone in Belarus

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