Chengdu Tops China’s Happiest Cities Rankings for 11 Consecutive Years

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Chengdu holds the first place in the list of China’s top 10 happiest cities, and won the awards for its city attractiveness and employment situations.
The 2019 China's Happiest Cities Forum, co-hosted by Xinhua News Agency's Oriental Outlook magazine and national think tank Liaowang Institute, was held Nov.25 in Guangzhou. Chengdu holds the first place in the list of China's top 10 happiest cities for 11 straight years, and won the awards for its city attractiveness and employment situations.
China’s Happiest Cities
As one of the most influential and authoritative public surveys in China, the "China's Happiest Cities" poll has been conducted for 13 straight years, involving about 1 billion people.
The rankings of this year focuses on the competitiveness of the surveyed cities on 12 aspects, including eco-environment, attractiveness, public safety, education, transportation, employment, residents' income, public services, medical health, culture and entertainment, level of civility, economic development and so on, based on big data, public surveys, information provided for application and expert reviews.
The results of the survey, strengthened by the analysis on the moments of daily life of city people from online, indicated people show a very stable awareness of happy life.
China’s Happiest Cities

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