Chengdu Sees Busier Int'l Rail Freight Transport

Authors: Xinhuanet


Chengdu saw the departures and arrivals of 1,041 international freight trains in the five-month period.
The southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu saw busier international rail freight transport in the January-May period of this year, as demand for both imports and exports increased.
Chengdu saw the departures and arrivals of 1,041 international freight trains in the five-month period, up 41.2 percent year on year, according to the operator of the Chengdu International Railway Port.
The value of the goods transported by the trains in the five months soared 65 percent year on year to 2.48 billion U.S. dollars, said the agency.
Freight train services between Chengdu and Russia and between Chengdu and ASEAN members saw more robust growth.
A total of 182 trains ran between Chengdu and Russia,  with the value of the merchandise surging 659 percent.
Russia's timber, paper pulp and zinc concentrate and Chengdu's vehicles, clothing, shoes, hats and bags were among the major items of trade.
Meanwhile, a total of 235 trains ran on the land-sea trade corridor between Chengdu and the ASEAN countries, up 343 percent year on year, with the value of goods up 610 percent.

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