Chengdu Ranks 3rd in China by Concert Box Office Receipts

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According to a report released March 25 by Ailibaba Pictures’ research institute, the total ticket revenues from live music and theater performances in China exceeded RMB20 billion last year, up 7.29% year on year.
Chengdu Ranks 3rd in China by Concert Box Office ReceiptsChengdu Ranks 3rd in China by Concert Box Office Receipts
a concert (L) and a musical (R) show in Chengdu
In 2019, Chengdu ranked third nationwide in terms of people's consumption of live music, following Beijing and Shanghai. It also saw a surge of 360% in the box office receipts from musicals, which made it rank second among all Chinese cities in this aspect.
Going to concerts in other cities is becoming a trend in China. The report shows that people in Chongqing, a municipality over 300 kilometers away from Chengdu, enjoy watching concerts in Chengdu, which is the most popular city among non-local concert-goers in western China.
The report also forecasts that live music and drama streaming will become more popular in 2020, since in the 5G era VR, AR and other cutting-edge technologies will offer people more choices and better viewing experience.

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