Chengdu Listed on GaWC Global City Rankings

Authors: Li Gen


GaWC (Globalization and World Cities Research Network), a think tank based at Loughborough University in England that studies the relationships between world cities in the context of globalization, released a report titled The World According to GaWC 2016 earlier this year. Chengdu ranked seventh among all Chinese cities surveyed.
Every four years, the GaWC examines 307 cities worldwide, then ranks them based on their international reputation, demographics, transportation systems, appeal to foreign investment, and cultural influence, etc. Categorized into "Alpha" (including four sub-categories), "Beta" (including three sub-categories) and "Gamma" (including three sub-categories), the GaWC cities include additional ones at "High sufficiency" and "Sufficiency" levels.
Jumping from "High Sufficiency" in 2012 to "Beta-" in 2016, Chengdu ranked seventh among all Chinese cities, following Hong Kong (Alpha+)、Beijing (Alpha+)、Shanghai (Alpha+)、Taipei (Alpha-)、Guangzhou (Alpha-) and Shenzhen (Beta).
Just after having topped China's new first-tier cities, Chengdu was listed on the GaWC Global City Rankings, showing convincingly that over the recent years the city has been highly recognized at home and abroad, thanks to its outstanding achievements in politics, economics and society, culture, sci-tech, and globalization.

TSP Tops China’s Service Outsourcing Parks

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Chengdu Tops Happiest Cities in China

Chengdu tops the rankings of Happiest Cities in China 2016 publicized on Dec. 1 at 2016 International Forum on City Happiness and Sustainability in China, which was held in Beijing and co-organized by the Oriental Outlook Magazine of Xinhua News Agency and Chinese Cities Development Report of China Association of Mayors.

Dec 12, 2016

Chengdu Grabs Awards at City Development Forum

The city of Chengdu claimed four awards at the Global Vision · China Vitality Summit Forum & 6th Global Cities Rankings.

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Chengdu Dubbed as One of China’s Top 10 Tourist Destinations

TripAdvisor published its rankings of the best tourist destinations in the world on March 21, and Chengdu was again on the list of China top 10.

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Chengdu Tops Business Impact Rankings of China’s New First-tier Cities

The latest business impact rankings of China’s new first-tier cities were released on May 25, and Chengdu ranked first among all the cities in the country.

May 29, 2017

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