Steps to Use the Reading Pavilion

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Reading can bring us great pleasure!
The Reading Pavilion, part of the popular TV program The Readers of China Central Television (CCTV), made its first appearance in Chengdu on April 12, and local residents can enter it and read aloud poems, essays, and even the writings of their own.
The Reading Pavilion, equipped with a set of professional recording device and a camera, is installed at several sites in downtown Chengdu, including Wide and Narrow Alleys, Yongling Museum, Aux Plaza and campuses of local universities. In the small enclosure with the size of a telephone booth, participants can read aloud in any language for three minutes and their sounds will be recorded.

Steps to use the Reading Pavilion:

1. Enter the pavilion, select the APP titled "Chengdu Poetry Congress" (成都诗词大会) on the screen and click "Start Now" (立即参与);

2. Choose from the two ways of reading: "Create" (原创) or "Follow" (对嘴). "Create " means reading the materials chosen by the participants, while "Follow" offers participants the materials;
3. Finishing the "Create" reading, click "√" to enter the next step; if you finish reading the "Follow", it will automatically enter the next step;
4. Click "Upload" (上传) when you finish reading, type in your registration number that you get from the working staff into the "Information of the Video" (视频详情);
5. PS: If you want to view your own work, select the "Latest Work"(最新作品).
***The recorded works may be selected and be broadcast on CCTV***

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