Special Offers for the Women’s Day

Authors: Go Chengdu


Go for an spring outing on the International Women’s Day!
A number of scenic spots around Chengdu are providing favorable conditions for visitors in order to celebrate the International women's Day,
Dujiangyan Irrigation System
Special offer: free admission for women on March 8
The site of Dujiangyan Irrigation System presents a magnificent view of the high mountains,
wide river and impressive architectures.
Xiling Snow Mountain
Special offer: free admission to the ski resort and a package of discounts for women
Xiling Snow Mountain features snowy peaks, the sunrise over the cloud sea, valleys, primitive thick forests,
cascading waterfalls and natural caves.
The skiing resort of Xiling Snow Mountains is the most popular spot for winter sports in Chengdu
and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Happy Valley Amusement Park
Special Offer: RMB 298 for two women March 1-31;
RMB 115 for each woman March 3-9
Happy Valley Amusement Park Chengdu is the largest theme park
in West China and the top choice to recall those wonderful times that are filled with the joyfulness of children.
Mt. Mengding
Special offer: RMB 18 for women March 7-11 (30% of the original price)
If you like Chinese tea, don't miss the chance to visit the Mt. Mengding in Ya'an,
which is considered as the birthplace of the world's tea culture.
It's time for tea picking and making.

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