Places to Buy Halloween Costumes

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A guide to help you come up with the best costumes and accessories for Halloween in Chengdu.
Halloween is right around the corner. Still don't have a Halloween costume and the accessories? Read the guide to the places where you can have the best costumes and accessories for Halloween in Chengdu.

1. Hehuachi Wholesale Market 荷花池批发市场

Hehuachi Wholesale Market offers all sorts of bizarre and kitschy trinkets with which you can adorn your costume. Plastic swords, masks, wigs, jack-o'-lanterns and all kinds of Halloween decorations can be found in this market. Prices are highly negotiable.
Address: 388 North 2nd Section, 2nd Ring Road, Jinniu Disctrict 金牛区二环路北二段388号
2. Happy Valley Amusement Park 欢乐谷

On the days before Halloween comes, there are always lots of stalls selling Halloween costumes and accessories in and around the Park. If you don't mind doing a little digging, you can usually find some creative and vintage costumes there.
Address: 16 Xihua Avenue, Jinniu District 金牛区西华大道16号
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