Local Authority Briefs on Adjusted Application for Expats Inbound

Authors: Go Chengdu


Supplementary materials will be provided for foreigners coming to Chengdu recently.
On March 8, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal Government issued a notice on the adjustment of the application materials for expats inbound amid the prevention and control of COVID-19.
According to the notice, expats who come to China will be informed about the various measures and regulations China has introduced to help prevent and control the epidemic outbreak. Currently, Chengdu is requiring all foreigners who have visited countries and regions hit heavily by the coronavirus outbreak to be quarantined for medical observation for 14 days.
The applicant must submit supplementary materials including the invitee's round-trip flight booking information and the overview of the track of the invitee's overseas activities in the 14 days before his/her entry (specific to countries and cities).
The time of work will be extended due to the influence of the epidemic. Please make a reasonable arrangement on the time of the invitees to come to China.
The offfice has also opened a hotline (028-86635279) for inquiries on the related information.
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