How to Convert Your Foreign Driver License to a Chinese One in Chengdu?

Authors: Go Chengdu


To drive legally in Chengdu, a foreigner has to get his/her Chinese driver license.
It is an important step to get your foreign driver license translated if you want to have a Chinese one. With so many translation agencies in Chengdu that offer the service, the article will take the Chengdu Learned Translation Agency as an example.
The procedures to convert your overseas driver license to the Chinese one are as follows:
Step 1: prepare documents
According to the Chengdu Driver License Translation Center (Chengdu Learned Translation Agency), you should prepare the following documents:
1. Your foreign Driver license and its photocopy;
2. Your passport and its photocopy;
3. Your physical examination certificate issued by one of the hospitals stated below;
You can get a physical examination certificate at a county-level hospital or above in Chengdu, including the West China Hospital, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Chengdu First People's Hospital, etc. To have a health examination, you have to take along your passport and the Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors, which is issued by a local police station.
4. A translated copy of your foreign driver license;
You can either get your document(s) translated at the agency, or you can also just send a scanned copy or a photo of their driver license to the agency (WeChat number: 13688066333). (Optional but not recommended by GoChengdu)
An English translated copy of English costs RMB100 each, and fees of other languages range from RMB150 to 300, which can be paid through WeChat. Clients can get their copies cash on delivery.
Address: 15th Floor, 168 Huapaifang Street, Jinniu District
5. Your recent two bareheaded photos with white background (25mm×35mm)
Step 2: submit documents
You have to get your documents examined at the department of motor vehicle in Xipu Town, Pidu District.
Business hours: Monday through Friday 09:00-17:00 (except statutory holidays)
Step 3: prepare for a test
You need to appoint the Subject 1 test. For those to apply for A1, A2, A3, B1 and B2 Classes, they need to take the Subject 3 test. The following is the English question bank:
Cost of a driver license: RMB10 each
Examination fee: RMB100 per person per time

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