Health Codes Required in Taking Buses

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Passengers are required to produce Tianfu Health Code when taking buses in city, according to news from Chengdu Public Transport Group on April 11.
Now the Tianfu QR Code has become a necessary electronic pass in public places in the city, such as bus stations, offices, shopping malls, communities and restaurants.
To protect and control the spread of the COVID-19 and ensure people's normal work and life in an orderly manner in the city, Chengdu Public Transport Group (CPTG) will ask all bus passengers to scan a QR code before boarding buses.
Each bus has its exclusive QR code issued by Tianfu Health Code and people can scan the code by their phones and complete the online registration at the same time.
1. Scan the QR code by WeChat App
2. Register your personal health QR code
3. Show the driver your health code before boarding
About the health code:
People who want to get into Chengdu need to report their travel history and health conditions online in advance. In turn, they will be assigned codes marked by green, yellow or red based on the information they offer.
The health code assigns the colors of a traffic light and draws on data that automatically decides whether someone is at risk, who will be banned from entering a public space.
Green means a person is not in quarantine and is free to go about their daily business. Yellow and red means the person has to quarantine themselves or undergo supervised quarantine.
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