Chengdu to Ban 22 Dog Breeds

Authors: Go Chengdu


Read the following notice concerning all dog owners on pet keeping regulations.
Part 1
If your dog belongs to the banned breeds, please be sure to find a new home for it in an unrestricted area before November 16.
The restricted areas are Wuhou, Chenghua, Jinniu, Jinjiang and Qingyang districts, as well as Hi-tech Zone and other areas stipulated by other districts, cities and counties.
22 banned dog breeds
Part 2
For the unbanned breeds, you are required to license your dog according to relevant regulations.
When licensing your dog on your smartphone, you have to submit the following documents:
1. Certificate of immunity for your dog
2. A photo of your dog in profile
3. Your ID number
4. Your full face photo
How to license your dog on the smartphone?
Search"蓉城犬管" via Wechat→Follow the account→Press"犬只管理"→Press"在线办理"→Upload all information required→Submit and wait for approval.
And all dog owners must know:
To have the dogs vaccinated regularly
A family can keep only one dog in any of the restricted areas. If a female dog breeds, all her pups shall be dealt with properly within 4 months after their birth; and,
When walking his/her dog outside, an owner must keep the pet with a leash and take rubbish bags to dispose of its waste timely.

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