3 Things Foreigners Should Know about Landing Jobs in Chengdu

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Chengdu is seeing an ever-increasing inflow of foreigners from all over the world to live and work in the city, due to its dynamic economy, laid-back life-style and delicious food. For those who want to land a job here, there are a few things they should know and prepare.
To help foreign job hunters, gochengdu.cn interviewed Norbert Antosik, founder of Chengdu-based job-hunting platform eChinaCareers.com. Norbert is expert in helping foreign talents to find their potential employers in Chengdu.
Norbert (left) and a foreigner who has found a job in China
According to China national regulations, foreigners to apply for China work permits should submit the following 7 documents on website http:fwp.safea.gov.cn/:
1. Application form for Foreigner's Work Permit;
2. Job qualification certificate;
3. Medical certificate;
4. Employment contract, certificate of employment or letter of assignment for foreign nationals working in China;
5. Passport, visa or valid residence permit;
6. Certificate (diploma) of highest academic degree or relevant vocational qualification certificate; and,
7. No criminal record certificate.
"Preparing the job qualification, academic degree and no criminal record certificates is quite time-consuming. However, once you obtain these 3 documents, the others will be much easier to handle," Norbert said.
Job Qualification Certificate
To apply for a job in China, a foreign national shall have over 2 years of relevant working experience generally after having graduated from university or other authoritative professional certificates.
For example, if a foreigner with a TEFL / TESOL or CELTA certificate (for an over 120-hour diploma program) applies for an English teaching job in China, he/she is eligible to get a work permit in the country. If one does not have any of the certificates, he/she shall prove to have at least 2 years of relevant working experience generally after having graduated from university.
In addition, his/her work experience must be relevant to the job he/she wants to do in China. For example, if a foreigner has worked as an English teacher for two years after generally having graduated from university and later hopes to be a marketing manager in China, he/she may meet some difficulties when applying for a China work permit.
Norbert noted that policies differ from region to region and there're also exceptions. "Recently, we helped our client Francisco from Venezuela who had just graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China earlier this year get employed by a tech company in Chengdu as an AI engineer," he said, adding that "Of course, such exception is only for foreign talents with outstanding achievements."
Academic certification
Any foreign citizen to apply for a China work permit shall have at least a bachelor's degree from a college or university which is approved by the Ministry of Education of the PRC. Norbert gives more specifics for the academic certification:
1. If the academic certificate (diploma) is obtained outside China, it shall be accredited by the Chinese embassy/consulate in the foreign country/region where it is issued, or the embassy/consulate of the country in China where the applicant gets his/her certificate, or China's educational certification authority.
2. If the academic certificate (diploma) is obtained in Hong Kong or Macao SAR or Taiwan, it shall be accredited by China's educational certification authority or a notary organ in HK, Macao or Taiwan.
3. If the academic certificate (diploma) is obtained in the Chinese mainland, the applicant only needs to provide his/her original academic certificate (diploma).
To know which colleges or universities have been approved by the Chinese government, please visit: www.jsj.edu.cn/n1/12018.shtml.
No Criminal Record Certificate
Generally, a foreign national needs to apply for a no criminal record certificate from a police station or a background investigation agency in his/her home country. The validity of the certificate is 6 months in China.
The no criminal record certificate shall be accredited first by the police station/background investigation agency in the applicant's home country, and then by the Chinese embassy. The period of a successful application ranges from a week to a month.

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