Mid-Autumn Festival Gala at Ping'le Town

Authors: Go Chengdu


The celebration of Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival together with CGTN was staged on the evening of Sept. 24 at Ping'le Ancient Town in western Chengdu and was broadcast live in 180 countries and regions around the world.
The live show was produced by China Global Television Network (CGTN) and broadcast in 180 countries and regions through the CGTN's TV channel, Mobile Apps, Facebook, YouTube and Weibo.
"Hello. Welcome to CGTN, we are now at the ancient town called Ping'le, right outside the Chengdu City...," the livestream was initiated at 19:00 with the opening words by host Tao Yuan from CGTN. CGTN reporters and locals had a unique way to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival as they were floating river lanterns, eating moon cakes and appreciating the full moon, which is the symbol of peace and happiness.
Ping'le Ancient Town features the ancient architecture, river sights and idyllic life styles. Vestiges of old constructions, including wharves, bridges, houses, stone-paved streets are well preserved in the town.

In the broadcast, a tourist from Germany with his Chinese girlfriend said they came here hoping to learn more about the Chinese traditions. The host learned that the man has been working and living in Chengdu for a year and a half while he enjoyed food and the scenery and the open-mindedness of the city.

In the show people saw some special intangible cultural heritage items in Chengdu, such as bamboo-woven ware, bamboo gemp song, face changing and fire spitting.

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