Round-shaped Foods for Mid-Autumn Festival



As a tradition, families eat some round-shaped foods during the festival dinner for good luck, and now let's take a look at some of the auspicious round bites for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival.
Moon cake is a symbol of family reunion for its round shape. [Photo provided by]
We all know that moon cake is the most traditional and important food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The deliciously filled cake is round in shape like the full moon, which is a symbol of prosperity and family reunion. As a tradition, families also eat other round-shaped foods during the festival dinner for good luck.
Pomelo is not only round in shape, its Chinese name, You Zi, is also a homophone for words that mean "bless the son." [Photo/IC]
Watermelon is a symbol of fertility for being full of seeds and also a symbol of family reunion for its round shape. [Photo/IC]
Mid-Autumn Festival falls during the harvesting season of lotus root and the round lotus root slice is a sign of family reunion. [Photo/IC]
Pomegranate is another pleasant and colorful round fruit. [Photo/IC]
Steamed pear is a seasonal dish which is believed to be good for the lung in autumn. [Photo/IC]
Autumn is also the best time to have pumpkins. [Photo/IC]
Grapes are sweetest around the Mid-autumn Festival. Take the last chances and eat more! [Photo/IC]
Glutinous rice wine with rice ball is a lovely boozy Chinese dessert. [Photo/IC]
The tradition of eating taro on Mid-Autumn Festival dates back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) but the meaning of eating taro differs in different Chinese regions. One of beliefs is that eating taro during Mid-Autumn Festival can ward off the evil spirits. [Photo/IC]

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