First Touch of Dragon Boat Festival

Authors: Go Chengdu


A cluster of young foreigners in Chengdu on May 23 had a special way to celebrate the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival in Dayi County in western Chengdu: making rice dumplings and sachets.
Making Rice Dumplings
The rice dumpling (粽子,Zongzi in Chinese) is the traditional food during the Dragon Boat Festival. While most families in Chengdu buy rice dumplings in the market these days, some prefer making rice dumplings by themselves — the lovely pear-sized dumplings wrapped in reed, bamboo leaves with the stuffing of glutinous rice, diced bacon, date, mushrooms and other ingredients.
A demonstration by the instructors on the Zongzi DIY session thrilled the foreigners as they watched the instructors made a rice dumpling just in seconds with dexterous fingers. Then the Zongzi DIY session began with shaping the leaves like a cup to put the stuffing in and the process frustrated the foreigners, who spent quite a lot of time to learn how to deal with the leaves. But finally they mastered it after repeated practice.
With conscious commitment they also got through all the following steps — stuffing the leaves and binding the dumplings with threads — and saw the dumplings mounting to a considerable heap on the table, much to the satisfaction of themselves and the instructors. Chicharlah, from the US, even formed her theory on making rice dumplings.
"I ate it before, but this is my first time to make it," said Caroline from Germany.
Self-made Sachets for Friends
Wearing sachets is a custom in Dragon Boat Festival. The sachet is a small cloth scented bag filled with herbs and other aromatic ingredients, and people wear them for the purpose of keeping off evils, and as a token of love.
The young foreigners took delight in making sachets, cutting cloth with scissors, painting colors and sewing it together.
And of course the idea of sending the sachets to relatives and friends fascinated them — the old Chinese custom found a new expression among the foreigners who had a new experience of the traditional Chinese culture.
The session concluded with a chant of "Happy Dragon Festival!" and everybody would never forget their first touch of the festival in Chengdu.

Go to Buy Rice Dumplings

Where to buy the holiday foods for the coming Dragon Boat Festival? The 7th Chengdu Dragon Boat Festival Food Expo & Rice Dumpling Culture Fair, held June 12-21 at the Chengdu International Convention & Exhibition Center, will be a good choice for you.

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