How to Send Flowers on Romantic Days

Authors: Go Chengdu


Flowers, lovely flowers, always make girls happy!
Never ask why you should send flowers to girls.
All you have to know is that flowers always make them happy, especially on romantic occasions.
Which Flowers?
Generally speaking, different kind of flowers convey different meanings.
However, if your girlfriend is not a flower expert and you don't know her favorite species, just know something of the following popular flowers among girls.
Rose is by far the most popular flower. There are lots of varieties and each year, and new hybrids are developed.
Lilies are a feminine and showy flower with a heady fragrance.
Daisies are not so showy, but they make bouquets of other flowers more cheerful.
Tulips are popular for their majestic petals and appealing scent.
▼▼▼Where to Buy?▼▼▼
Here we recommend four florist shops in Chengdu.


The GO UP LABORATORY shops are noted for the choice flowers and window designs that feature the natural wooden furniture, undecorated walls and many glass tubes of different shapes.
MIXC shop: 1st Floor, NO.193, Chengdu MIXC
IFS shop: 5th Floor, NO. L558, IFS


Walk into ROSEONLY and you will be touched by its classical European decoration. The worldwide known brand has made it as a rule that customers must have their flowers bought at the shops sent to the same person, as the only receiver of the gifts once the customer logins in on the website of ROSEONLY.
Add: 3rd Floor, NO. L306, IFS
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