A Fierce Friendly Match between Foreign and Local Teams

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"It was a great game, we definitely want to play those guys again."
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"Goal again!" loud cheers erupted among spectators from different countries, watching intently the fierce match between Baozilona and Great Han Chinese FC, in the west part of Chengdu's West Village football pitch on July 29.
Baozilona is a team with players from foreign countries and Great Han Chinese FC of Chinese people.
It all began with a proposal by the Great Han Chinese FC to challenge Baozilona in a friendly match.
We have heard that in Chengdu there is an Englishman whose name is Liam, and he has a team of foreigners. We, the Great Han Chinese FC, challenge you in a MATCH this Saturday night (July 29), 6-8 pm. Hope you will be there.
"It's the first time I've been challenged by a local team," said Liam, captain of Baozilona, who is from the UK and also the co-founder of a local cross-cultural platform LAOWAI HERE.
Captain of Great Han Chinese FC Zhou Bo said their players are a group of football-lovers from Dazhou City in eastern Sichuan who all work in Chengdu now.
The average age of the players of Great Han Chinese FC is 35, while the players of the counterpart team are much younger, with an average age of about 20. "It's the first time we played against a team of foreigner, a very competitive team, and we wish to share skills and friendship."
The Chinese team had a very good start and scored three times in the first half, showing their ambition to beat the foreign team. Baozilona also did well and caught up with scores before the end of the first half. They dominated the second half and showed huge advantage in their head-to-head encounters while the energy of the footballers in Great Han Chinese FC dwindled. The final score of the match stood at 7-3, with Baozilona as the winner.
"One reason we lost the game is we are not so physically strong as them," noted Wang Guoxu, a player from Great Han Chinese FC, "We expect to have another match with them."
"The guys actually played really well; they held their position. It was a difficult game," said Robert of Baozilona after the match. "It was a great game, we definitely want to play those guys again."
"And this is a good competition for us to get ready for our season," added Liam.
As one of the 10 teams of the Chengdu International Football League (CIFL, the only soccer event for foreigners in Chengdu), Liam's team are ready for their second season of this year. Since 2011 the CIFL has been hosting regular football matches on Sichuan University's Huaxi Campus every Saturday. All the foreign footballers come together for only one purpose ― enjoy the fun of playing football, meet new people and build up friendship.

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