2015 CDIC to be held in Wenjiang

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The 2015 Chengdu Dubai International Cup (CDIC) Meydan Classic will be held on April 3 at the Wenjiang Jinma Equestrian Sports Park. Twelve jockeys and 50 racehorses from Ireland, the UAE, the UK, and Brazil, etc., will take part in the event .
(Racehorses are trained outdoors for the first time to adapt to the Wenjiang venue)
The event consists of 5 races, including the Wenjiang Sprint (1400m), Guangsha Mile (1600m), Meydan Handicap (2418m), Wenjiang Meydan Classic (1600) and Chengdu-Dubai International Cup (2218m). Some auxiliary programs, including an opening and a closing ceremonies will be held during the event.
The Dubai World Cup, a top horse race in the world, was first introduced to China in May 2015 by the Chengdu Sports Bureau, Wenjiang District Government, Guangsha Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Meydan Group. The first Chengdu Dubai International Cup was held on April 6, 2014 in the city.
Over the recent years, the Wenjiang District has built an equestrian sports park which is the only venue for equestrian sports in western China and the leading one of its kind in Asia. The China Equestrian Festival has been staged in the district for 4 times consecutively, and Wenjiang has become an engine of China’s development in equestrian sports.
A special plane shipped the 50 horses to Chengdu from Dubai on March 26. Having been confirmed disease-free via quarantine, they were trained for the first time to adapt to the outdoor venue in Wenjiang on March 31.
(Trainer Erwan Charpy (left) and Bhupat Seemar are interviewed by media)
Horse trainer Bhupat Seemar said that the horses are all in good condition. “Because of the mild and pleasant weather in Chengdu, it seems they all feel good here”. To keep the horses in good condition, all grasses and forages for them are all transported by air from Dubai. Tony Terry, a Media Relations Manager of the Meydan Group, said that all the 50 horses will participate in the event.
Trainer Erwan Charpy took part in the event in 2014, at which a horse trained by him won the championship. He said the Wenjiang venue is very good for the event, which was quite successful last year, so he came here again. He brought 8 horses to this year’s race and hoped to do better this time.
(Messages from Tony Terry and Erwan Charpy to website gochengdu.cn users)
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