Ramblers' Routes to See the City

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Again the best season to have a sight-seeing stroll and here we recommend three routes for travels on foot to get the best of downtown Chengdu.
1. Cultural Experience
Wangjianglou Park - Sichuan University - Hejiang Pavilion - Wuhouci Shrine Museum - Jinli Street
The 6km route links some of the most important cultural landmarks in the city: Wangjianglou Park, viewing the Jinjiang River running by; Hejiang Pavilion, overlooking the waters where the Fu River and the Nan River meet; Sichuan University Museum, housing a large collection of relics; Wuhouci Shrine Museum, China's most famous site of the Three Kingdoms (220-280) culture; Jinli Street, a showcase of Sichuan architecture and local customs and snacks.
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Recommended Tourist Routes

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