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Pick up your special Mooncakes.
Traditional mooncakes are generally divided into four types: Guangdong-style, Suzhou-style, Beijing-style and Chaozhou-style, and the fillings used are usually Five Kernels, lotus seed paste, sugar, sweet bean paste, bacon, jujube paste, and egg yolk. Nowadays, new ingredients and new cooking ways are introduced in making mooncakes.
Traditional Mooncakes
Beijing-style: the representative of mooncakes in northern China, featuring soft skin, sweet fillings and the use of sesame oil.
Suzhou-style: noted for the crispy crust and sweeter tastes than other types.
Guangzhou-style: probably the most popular kind in China, loved by people for the varied choice of fillings, mostly the local products such as coconut shreds, lotus seed paste, egg yolks, sausages, roast pork and so on.
Chaozhou-style: noted for the use of various bean pastes and the rich, sweet fillings.
The production of mooncakes is undergoing a conspicuous evolution in recent years on the aspects of the ingredient choice, the cooking methods and so on, as a result of the influence of foreign cuisines and people's growing consciousness of healthy diet, giving rise to various fashionable and much favored spin-offs on the market.
New-generation Mooncakes
Snow-skinned mooncake: the snow-skinned mooncake is not a baked produc and has become increasingly popular among younger people, kids and Westerners. It is served when chilled and is so named for the translucent skin in various colors.
Ice-cream mooncake: the chocolate coated, ice-cream stuffed pies are the favorite among the younger generations, especially those who like cold foods.
Green tea mooncake: a new option for people keen on healthy diet and novice tastes.
Most mooncakes are oily, and people prefer to drink tea, such as green tea, Oolong tea and jasmine tea to offset the effects of the salty, sweet and rich tastes.

Mooncake & Mid-Autumn Food Expo

The mooncake is the traditional food for the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 2015 China (Sichuan) Mooncake & Mid-Autumn Food Expo opened on Sept. 15 at Chengdu Shawan International Exhibition Center.

Sep 21, 2015

Join in GoChengdu DIY Creative Mooncake Activity and Get Gifts

The Mid-autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival is coming and we invite foreigners to join in the DIY creative Mid-Autumn Mooncake Party organized by GoChengdu. Participants will also get gifts.

Aug 04, 2016

Make Your Own Mooncake

The website will launch an event for foreigners in Chengdu at which they will learn to make mooncakes and experience traditional Chinese culture.

Aug 05, 2016

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