City Hosts Second Annual Meeting of International Advisory Group

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2018 International Advisory Group Meeting took place at Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu on November 14-15.
2018 International Advisory Group Meeting took place at Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu on November 14-15.
The International Advisory Group, consisting of 28 entrepreneurs and scholars around the world, was founded last year. They have offered many constructive suggestions to Chengdu Municipal People's Government.
At the meeting 16 advisors and delegates made speeches on how to enhance Chengdu's international competitiveness, how to make Chengdu a garden park city and how to attract talents to Chengdu.
"Last year my suggestion to Chengdu is to promote its education and vocational training, and I saw a great progress in this area this year. It is really impressive," delegate from Austria noted at the meeting, "I can't wait to see more changes in this city."

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Chengdu’s White Collar Workers Have a Higher-than-national average Index of Job Satisfaction in 2017, a leading career development platform in China, focusing on the needs of job seekers throughout their entire career lifecycle, launched a survey recently to find out the working and living situations of white-collar workers in different parts of China in 2017.

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