Summer in Chengdu Not So Hot As You Think

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One more reason that you may like this city!
The End of Heat (Chu Shu, 处暑 in Chinese, the 14th term of the traditional Chinese solar terms) has passed and summer is over,
much to the relief of the residents of Chengdu who complained a lot of the unbearable sweltering weather of the season.
Many people may have felt this past summer TOO HOT, but they might not think so should they have a look at the data from China Meteorological Administration.
Summer in Chengdu
Compared with many other Chinese cities with the similar latitude, Chengdu has had a more agreeable temperature in summer.
According to the data, the highest temperature in Chengdu this summer was not more than 37℃,
and the number of days with high temperature (higher than 35℃) did not last as long as a week.
By contrast, the cities of Chongqing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou and so on experienced quite a lot days of temperatures exceeding 40℃ and a lasting hot weather.
Livable City
Well, there are several factors that contribute to Chengdu's comparatively pleasant climate.
Chengdu has a mild but humid climate with abundant rainfall and distinct seasons.
The high Qinling Mountains to the north shield the city from cold winds in winter, while the soft, moist winds from the river valleys to the south provide cooling air in summer.
The city enjoys a milder winter and a cooler summer compared with most other areas at the same latitude in China ―
snow is rare in winter and summer is not so hot.
In recent years, the city government has made great efforts in increasing the forested land and wetland
so as to further improve the living environment in urban and suburban areas.
The newly built Jincheng Lake in the south and Bailuwan Wetland in the east are the typical ecological parks
that combine the functions for environment protection, traveling and sightseeing.
The government has launched an ambitious plan to create an Ecological Belt along the Loop Road around the city proper
that will establish an ecological zone to protect the city.

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