Junji Ito's Exhibition to Start in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


This exhibition will feature comic characters of Junji Ito. AR technology is used to bring comic characters and scenes to life.
Junji Ito is hailed to be the most important Japanese horror comic artist since the 1990s. His classics Uzumaki, Tomie, and The Hanging Balloons made him a household name among teenage manga fans in the world.
After its exhibition tour in Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai, Junji Ito's Classic Aesthetics will be staged in Chengdu at the Eastern Suburb Memory Park, an animation base in downtown city, and features original artworks, behind-the-scenes video, and most notably, an AR area that will give special effects and sound to visitors to accompany the visuals.
The ticket is on sale, starting July 18, both at the Eastern Suburb Memory Park and online platforms including gewara.com, Damai.com, 228.com.cn, wanzhoumo.com, ArtPie Wechat Public Account.
TIME: 2017.8.15-2017.10.31
ADDMISSION: RMB80 (tickets on sale July 18-July 30; early bird ticket at RMB60)
ADD: Tianqiao Hall, Chengdu Eastern Suburb Memory Park
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