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Want to come to China and try a job that you never thought of before?
What kind of job can satisfy your imagination of China?
A Kungfu apprentice at the Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, Henan Province or a giant panda caretaker in Chengdu, Sichuan Province?
Now, the "I'm in China" project, an innovative effort to introduce China to foreigners, is calling for foreigners to participate in a certain job in China. Participants will be assigned to finish a day's work together with his or her Chinese co-workers, undertaking a series of entertaining as well as challenging tasks. By actually doing some unique, funny, or sometimes unusual jobs, the participants will have a heartfelt experience of the real Chinese life and a touch of local customs and practices.
As the cooperative media platform of this project, LinkedIn has offered 8 different jobs in various cities of China and launched the global recruitment on its official website. Applications for this project are accepted till July 20.
Which job do you want to try most?
If you love animals, then giant panda caretaker in Chengdu can be your top choice.
What's more, with a time-honoured history and prosperous economic and social development, Chengdu, a perfect blend of traditional beauty and modern charm, is the city you may fall in love with when you come and feel it in person.
Job in Chengdu: Giant Panda Caretaker
Time: June-July
1, Full understanding of the content and extent of this experience
2, Open-minded and easy-going, a team player with good communicational skills
3, Basic Chinese language skill
4, Interests in the Chinese culture
5, Zoologists or related work experience preferred
6, Interest in animals or taking care of animals

I’M IN CHINA Global Recruitment: Discover Sichuan

The project calls for foreigners around the world to come to China to have personal experiences and share their ideas on the Chinese culture.

Aug 17, 2017

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