Invitation: A Visit to the Site of Old Distillery

Authors: Go Chengdu


Come and join in Gochengdu Gusto and explore more of the city. invites 12 foreigners in Chengdu to join in the GoChengdu Gusto and visit the Shuijingfang Museum, the site of the 600-year-old distillery in eastern downtown Chengdu that showcases the long tradition of liquor-making history and culture of the city.
Time: 15:00, July 16
Place: #19 Shuijing St, Jinjiang District
Register: send your nationality, phone numbers and the number of participants to

Chengdu:Start Point of Southern Silk Road

People would associate Qionglai City in western Chengdu with a wine-making base and the venue of a romantic love story, the real-life Oriental equivalent to the Romeo and Juliet, that happened about 2, 000 years ago, but few of them know that the site was a very important post the ancient route that, for two thousand years and more, connected the heartland of China to the southern Asia.

Jul 03, 2014

Shuijingfang Museum

Shuijingfang Museum is an embodiment of the time-honored wine culture in China.

Oct 16, 2018

An Italian Wine Merchant’s Love for Chengdu

Wine, one of the indispensable drinks for western-style food, has been put on the Sichuan food menu in recent years.

Nov 19, 2014

Free Trip to Ping-le Ancient Town & Chinese Wine Village

The Third Spring Outing activity will take place on March 31 in Qionglai City. We will guide you to the Ping-le Ancient Town & Chinese Wine Village.

Mar 29, 2016

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