Tips to Overcome Post-holiday Blues

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Blow off post-holiday blues! Now it’s time to start fresh and new and to get back to our normal routine.
Do you find it hard to concentrate at work after the joyful week-long Chinese National Day holiday? This is a common problem after the long break. Many people are still in "the mood of holiday" instead of the mood to work.
During the first few days of returning to work, most employees admit they have the so call Post-holiday Blues or Post-holiday Syndrome as they can't concentrate, feel generally sleepy and exhausted, and feel not in the mood to work yet.
It results from being too relaxed during the past holiday week, then experiencing a lack of interest and energy when returning to work to face challenging tasks.
How to overcome the blues
Not sure where to start? Here are tips to get back on track:
Balance the diet
During holidays, people tend to eat much more than they do usually. Hence, we should regulate dietary habits after the holiday. Drinking sufficient water and having fresh vegetables and fruits can improve the movement of the gastrointestinal tract. Stop smoking and drinking alcohols, and it will make you healthier.
Sleep Well
Long holiday can break our daily routine and lead to disorders of sleeping. However, these disorders can be relieved through rest and eating the right food.
Make sure you sleep 7 or 8 hours a day but do not try to go to bed too early. These methods can help you calm down before going to bed: soak your feet in warm water every night; drink a cup of warm milk before sleep; listen to a soothing music, and don't drink tea or coffee before going to bed.
Do Physical Exercises
People feel exhausted when they get back to work right after the holidays. Physical exercises such as walking, jogging, gymnastics can help people regain their vitality and improve digestive functions.
Have a Massage
Having a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) massage can help ease the stress. After spending long hours in front of the TV or computer, a professional massage can be really a good way to recover.
A post on Sina Weibo has listed the main syndromes and offered some tips to help you get rid of the Post-holiday Blues.

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