Reading Gives Scoliosis Sufferers a Raise up

Authors: Go Chengdu


Patients of scoliosis from across the country have found fun and inspiration in the activities of book reading and reciting organized by “Teletubbies Reading Club” in Chengdu.
The recent meeting of the club was staged on August 5 at The Third People's Hospital of Chengdu, with a participation of 90 patients, who enjoyed reciting poems and quotes from books they are reading and shared happy time in reading.
The patients have to put on an outfit with metal props and the conspicuous rods on the helmet during the treatment at the hospital. They have thus got the the nickname "the telebubbies", which is from the cartoon film "Teletubbies".
"The book reading activity brings fun to the 'teletubbies' to pull through the long, boring and painful time," said Wu Siheng, an organizer of the club and a high school student in Chengdu, "It helps them cheer up and have a meaningfulness life."
Doctors suggest that reading is a good exercise for the patients and can improve their lung capacity.
"I was impressed by the smiles on their faces, even though they are suffering from intense pain," Wu added.
"Reading brings everyone a wider world," said Ji Wenna, a scoliosis patient who had been in the hospital for five months, "Although I am physically unwell, I can feel the love of the doctors and volunteers. I have hope of life and I walk with my head raised up."
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