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Three basic steps are applicable in most hospitals when you see a doctor in China: make an appointment, register, and consult with a doctor.
A. Patient Guide
Three basic steps are applicable in most hospitals when you see a doctor in China: make an appointment, register, and consult with a doctor. Most hospitals in China offer various ways to make an appointment, over the phone and/or on the Internet. And they have emergency departments for emergent cases.
The following information is about the steps in terms of receiving medical services at the West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital of Sichuan University (WCSM/WCH), which is located in Chengdu, is a top medical center in southwest China.
1. Make an appointment
Appointment by telephone:
Holders of the medical card issued by the WCSM/WCH can dial 114 to make an appointment. Follow the instructions and note down the time, departments, and the name of the doctor.
Earlier calling (at most 7 days in advance) will ensure the success of appointment with the hospital.
Appointment at banking outlets or on automatic teller machines (ATMs):
The WCSM/WCH has launched the appointment service in cooperation with major Chinese banking institutions such as China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. The medical card of WCSM/WCH can be obtained at many outlets of the banks after an applicant has produced his/her ID card and completed relevant forms.
With the medical card you can make the appointment through the hospital's registration window or on an ATM at the bank outlets. Remember to keep the receipt or slip and produce it when you register with the hospital within the appointed time.
1) There is not any fee for making an appointment.
2) Any cancellation of the appointment must be done at least one day in advance of the appointed date and any failure to keep an appointment will be put on file by the hospital. The card holder will be disqualified if he/she fails to keep the appointment for three times.
2. Register
Anyone who has made an appointment by phone must register before 9:30 in the morning or before 13:30 in the afternoon on the third floor of the outpatient department in WCSM/WCH, and sometimes he/she needs to wait for several minutes to register. Those who have made appointments on ATMs or at banks are required to register and produce their appointment slips at the Information & Service Counter.
3. See the doctor
Don’t be worried when you are waiting for your turn to see the doctor, and keep in mind that doctors in top hospitals in China usually are very busy because there are so many patients awaiting the medical service.
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