General Hospitals in Chengdu

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A brief introduction to some to general hospitals in Chengdu
West China School of Medical / West China Hospital, Sichuan University
Grade 3, Class A General Hospital
West China School of Medicine/West China Hospital of Sichuan University (WCSM/WCH, usually called “hua-xi Yi-yuan” by locals) is a top medical care institution in Chengdu and ranks one of the best hospitals in China.
The hospital is located by the Jinjiang River and has a history of more than 120 years. It grew out of the Cunren and Renji Hospitals, set up in 1892 by the joint efforts of Christian missions from Canada, the US and the UK. It has now become a comprehensive medical teaching and research center with diverse disciplines, abundant faculty resources, advanced medical techniques, modern medical equipment, and strong potential in medical research.
Address: No. 37, Guoxue Alley, Wuhou District
International hospital reservation: 028-85586698
Inquiry hotlines: 028-82009999 (24 hours)
Emergency contact: 028-85553329, 028-85422286 (24 hours)
Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital
Grade 3, Class A General Hospital
The Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital (usually called “sheng-yi-yuan” by locals) is also a top comprehensive hospital in Chengdu.
The hospital is located on the 1st Ring Road, next to the Qingyang Temple. Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital has become the center of clinical service and research, one of National Top 100 Excellent Hospitals, the National Class A of the Third Grade Hospital, the International SOS Network Hospital of MOH, the Pilot Digital Hospital of MOH, etc.
Address: #32 West Sec 2, 1st Ring Road, Qingyang District
Hotline: 028-87394243, 87393928, 87795180
Emergency Call: 028-87769262
Chengdu Second People’s Hospital
Grade 3, Class A General Hospital
Chengdu Second People’s Hospital is located at Jinjiang District of downtown Chengdu, only a walking distance from the Chunxi Road.
The hospital integrates clinical treatment, education, scientific research, rehabilitation and prevention and health care. It also has an affiliation hospital in the downtown area, the Caoshijie Branch.
Address: #10 Qingyun South Street, Jinjiang District
Caoshijie Branch: #165 Caoshi Street, Qingyang District
Tel: 028-86621522 (operator) , 028-65108801 (general office), 028-86511422 (medical department)
Caoshijie Branch: 028-86927761
Chengdu Third People’s Hospital
Grade 3, Class A General Hospital
The Chengdu Third People’s Hospital is a key comprehensive AAA-classed hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, education, disease prevention and health rehabilitation, which has been established for more than 70 years.
As the practical skill training base of medical practitioners, it has provided a variety of qualified medical talents to the society.
Address: #82 Qinglong Street, Qingyang District
Inquiry hotlines: Tel: 028-86635593, 028-86649831, 028-86638387

Chengdu Telephone Information

Chengdu Telephone Information

Aug 13, 2014

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