Foreigners Teaching English in Chengdu (part 2)

Authors: Go Chengdu


About 25, 000 expatriates now live in Chengdu and a number of them are English teachers. They all have stories of teaching English in the city, and here you can share their experiences, as reported by staff from GoChengdu, a local online provider of information about the city of Chengdu.
Story of a Retired American Engineer
Brett Richardson

Teaching in a primary school and living in such an enchanting city, with mountains, rivers and the world famous cuisine, is a wonderful experience in my retired life.
I have found that, in my teaching in Chengdu, it is not uncommon that Chinese children are shy to speak English. However, starting a controversial topic is an efficient way to encourage them to speak English, and my students and I cooperate incredibly well in the class.

I always believe that a friendly interaction with locals is a great way to get the best of living in Chengdu. Having lived here for seven years to see the growth of my students, make friends with local folks and witness the development of the city makes me unwilling to leave this "Hibiscus City".
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