Foreigners Teaching English in Chengdu (part 1)

Authors: Go Chengdu


About 25, 000 expatriates now live in Chengdu and a number of them are English teachers. They all have stories of teaching English in the city, and here you can share their experiences, as reported by staff from GoChengdu, a local online provider of information about the city of Chengdu.
Story of a Foodie from Belgium
It says that Chengdu is a city “you won’t leave once you come”, and one of the reasons I choose to stay here is the Hotpot — I have got an addiction to spicy foods, and talking of local foods, as I have discovered, seems to serve well to enliven the classroom discussion at the school where I am a teacher.
Well, I study the Chinese language at Sichuan University and teach English at a primary school in Chengdu.
I’ve found topics about food are more welcome by pupils in my class (and also very much to my taste), who are very willing to share their experiences about foods with me, their “Laowai Laoshi” (foreigner teacher).
And from these discussions I have improved my Chinese and even picked up some Chinese vocabularies that I would never have learned from the textbooks, such as Paojiao Fengzhua (泡椒凤爪, pickled chicken feet).
What impresses me most is that these young kids can fluently recite by memory the verses by Chinese great poets, such as Li Bai, Du Fu and Su Shi. I am so glad to see that the long Chinese cultural tradition has taken root in the mind of the younger generations.
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