Foreigners Teaching English in Chengdu (part 1)

Authors: Go Chengdu


About 25, 000 expatriates now live in Chengdu and a number of them are English teachers. They all have stories of teaching English in the city, and here you can share their experiences, as reported by staff from GoChengdu, a local online provider of information about the city of Chengdu.
Story of Twin Brothers from Iran
Hello, I am Arash Yekrangi, from Iran. My twin brother, Aryan Yekrangi, and I study and work in Chengdu at the moment. We can speak Persian, my mother tongue, Chinese, English and German, and this helps us get a job as English teachers in Chengdu — I teach kids while Aryan teaches adults.
Chengdu people are friendly and open-minded, and we have many friends in the city. My brother and I often have parties with our friends (many of them are friends to both of us) on weekends. It’s a delight to have friends of different cultural backgrounds in Chengdu, eating, drinking and talking about interesting things.
Most interestingly, it happens time and again that, during the talks, our friends would suddenly stop and say, “sorry, I’m not talking to Arash/Aryan? You brothers look the same!”
Having lived in Chengdu for several years, I understand why the city is often referred to as the “Land of Abundance” —both on the respects of natural endowment and cultural heritage. We both enjoy our life here and are looking forward to exploring more in this city.
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