Greetings from Students Who Have Studied in Chengdu

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Short videos of heart-felt greetings from American students who have studied in Chengdu.
American students who have studied in Chengdu have sent warm messages to encourage people in China fighting the COVID-19 crisis.
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Sarah Butcher, from Carroll University (graduated)
Hello, everyone, we've heard a lot about the devastating effects about the coronavirus on the Chinese people. My heart goes out to those who have suffered and those who lost their loved ones. After having studied abroad in Chengdu and worked in Yichang, I got to see how resilient and strong the Chinese people are. I know right now things are very difficult. But keep fighting! 加油成都!加油中国!(come on Chengdu! come on China!)
Michael Stiles, from University of Colorado (graduated)
Hi guys, my name is Michael Stiles. I was in the G-MEO 2017 Chengdu Summer Program. And I'm here to say "take care of each other in these difficult times and 加油成都,加油中国!(come on Chengdu! come on China!) Take care!"
Christina Batista, from Fairleigh Dickinson University
To my friends in Chengdu, we are sending you the best in this trying time. Now is not the time for any sensitivity or jokes or for hate. Now is the time to spread humanity and education and unity. Let's be the change we want to see in the world! 加油,成都!我爱你!成都!(come on, Chengdu! I love you, Chengdu!)
Sean Fritter, from University of Colorado (graduated)
大家好,我叫福肖恩 (Hello everyone! My Chinese name is Fu Xiao'en). I was a student of G-MEO in the summer of 2017 in Chengdu. I just want to say to everyone in China right now as everything is going on. Stay safe! Take care! Together we'll get through this. 加油,成都!加油,中国! (come on Chengdu! come on China!)
Sariette Ekambi & Daniella Frias, from Fairleigh Dickinson University
Hi Daniella! And I'm Sariette! We are from G-MEO Spring semester of 2019. We want to send our warm wishes, our positivity and many many blessings to China especially to our G-MEO family and our friends in Chengdu right now. We send our love and support all the way from the US. We keep China in our heart forever and stay strong!
Kate Garrison, from RHIT (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
Hi, everybody in Chengdu, I miss you guys so much and I miss your beautiful country. And I'm completely devastated to hear about what's going on with the coronavirus. And I cannot imagine what you guys are going through over there. And I hope everyone sticks together, and stay strong as a community, and I hope you guys are all safe and taking proper precautions. And I'm sure that at the end of the tunnel, it's all going to get better and do what you are supposed to do. It's all going to be ok and everything is going to be alright. I have hope for your beautiful country. I miss your country and I really can't wait until I'm able to come back.
Rhiannon Toole, from University of Rold-Island
大家好,我叫陶琳娜 (Hello everyone! My Chinese name is Tao Linna). This past summer, I visited Chengdu for the first time along with G-MEO and their program. I studied at Huaxi Campus of Sichuan University. That was the most influential experience in my entire life. So I know everybody in China is currently dealing with the coronavirus. 我想在这里鼓励大家一下 (I want to encourage you guys here). I know that everybody are feeling a little discouraged about the current situation. So I want to say "武汉加油成都加油中国加油!(come on Wuhan, come on Chengdu, come on China!)".
Imani McDonald, from Norwich University
Hi, I'm Imani. I want to say to you, "come on Wuhan, come on Chengdu, come on China!"
Amanda Livingston, from University of Denver
Hi my name is Amanda and I studied abroad in Chengdu over the Fall 2019 semester. I really enjoyed my time there and the people were so nice and the city was so beautiful. Right now, the things are very hard. But I hope you can keep your heads up and stay strong. I really hope for there will be better ahead and that the situation will get better sooner or later. 你不是一个人,这点我保证。成都加油!中国加油!(I promise you are not alone. Come on Chengdu, come on China!)

Some friends have sent text messages
Josh Wright, from RHIT (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), who studied abroad in Chengdu over the 2019 spring semester
Triston Turner, from St. Lawrence University, who studied abroad in Chengdu over the Fall 2016 semester
"To my friends in China,
Stay strong. The situation in Wuhan has rocked mainland China and frankly the world in the last few weeks. It has been especially trialing not only because of the lethality of the disease, but also because of the toxic racism that has risen against the Chinese people since its outbreak. This is ignorance at its lowest. If any nation has the capability to tackle this near-pandemic, it would be China. I hope the world can set this bigotry aside and come together to fight this virus, looking beyond race and fighting for mankind. That being said, keep your heads high and stay safe.
-From你的美国朋友,童纳 (from your American friend Triston Turner)"

Some sent messages in Chinese
Iryna Chorniy, from Saint Peter's University, who studied abroad in Chengdu over the G-MEO 2017 spring semester
Arianna, graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University, who studied abroad in Chengdu over the G-MEO 2018 fall semester
Sarah Butcher, graduated from Carroll University, who studied abroad in Chengdu over the G-MEO 2015 spring semester

Staff of G-MEO send their warm wishes from the US

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