GoChengdu Invitation: Spring Outing to Pengzhou City

Authors: Go Chengdu


Let's go to Pengzhou in northern Chengdu on April 14 and look for the Most Beautiful Spring in Chengdu.

The second spring outing activity "Look for the Most Beautiful Spring in Chengdu" will take place on April 14 in Pengzhou City in northern Chengdu, an-hour-drive from downtown Chengdu.

During the activity, we will climb the Danjing Mountain (with the largest peony plantation in western China), visit local historical sites, appreciate the flowers and have a peony banquet.

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Major stops of the outing:

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Danjing Mountain

Danjing Mountain has an altitude of 1,147 meters. It is known as the most beautiful site for peony and boasts ancient relics of the Tang (618 - 907) and Song (960 - 1279) dynasties. The best time to visit the mountain is in late April and early May, when peonies are in full bloom all over the mountainside.

Sightseeing Train

Appreciate the rural scenery riding on an old-fashioned train clanking through farm fields on rolling hills till it stops at the foot of the Danjiang Mountain.

The Schedule:

8:30 Boarding at the parking lot of Chengdu Media Building, #159 Section 2, Hongxing Road

8:30-10:20 On the way to Pengzhou City;

10:20-11:20 Taking a sightseeing train in the town of Danjing Mountain to the scenic spots;

12:00-13:00 Peony-themed Lunch (prepared with tea, wine and pies from peony flowers and other wild vegetables);

13:30-14:00 Learning how to make palm fiber weaving at Hanbai Pavilion

14:20-14:40 Climbing the mountain

14:50-16:00 Taking a rest at a farmhouse (Peony Pavilion) and appreciating tea, drawing peonies and learning calligraphy

16:00- 16:40 going downhill

17:00 Going back to Chengdu

Tips Before You Go

1. No need to take along bottles of water while climbing the mountains, which have already been prepared by the organizer.

2. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers in case of the slippery stone stairs.

3. Travel with light packs.

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