US Singer Makes His Hot Pot Song an Online Hit

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Having Lived in Chengdu for 13 years, American singer Ramon Colon made a famous song named “Hot Pot” last year, telling his love for hot pot and Chengdu.
The music video by Ramon Colon, about his love for Chinese hot pot has gone viral online with over 10 million views.
The video clip, lasting just for over three minutes, shows a group of foreigners enjoying hot pot, including Ramon himself, who has been living in Chengdu for 13 years.
Besides this, Ramon has done many jobs like English teacher and singer in China. Now he is still a part of his band and also runs an international travel company in Chengdu.
Ramon said both he and his wife are big fans of hot pot. They always bring hot pot seasonings back to the U.S. and the U.K. when they visit their families. In this way, they are able to share their favorite Chinese food with their loved ones.
Ramon also expressed his appreciation of life in Chengdu, saying he wants to have his 8-month-old daughter study Chinese and even Sichuan dialect in the future.
"This city gives me inspirations everyday," he said.
To show his love about the city, Ramon will have a new song named "Chengdu " to be released soon.
A link to the MV "Hot Pot"

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